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Hằng: đừng có dại mà kick vào cái hình bên dưới dòng này nhé, quảng cáo đểu đó!!!
Hằng: Nhấn vào chữ 'gửi bài mới" để đăng một bài mới hoàn toàn nhé!!
Hằng: bà con nhấn vào chữ "trợ giúp" ở phía trên để tìm hiểu thêm về forum nhé!!

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Bai kiem tra 1   Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:00 pm

Test 1

Choose the word whose undelined part is
pronounced differently

1. A. strike B. chill C. conflict D. since

2. A. game B. start C. rain D. play

3. A. element B. preservation C. emission D. gesture

Choose the word whose main stress is placed
differently from the others

4. A. irrigate B.
cosmetic C.
ancestry D.

5. A. eardrum B.
exhaust C.
discard D.

Choose one best option to complete each
sentence by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D.

6. By September next year I
___________________ here for ten years.

will be working B. work C. will have
been working D. have been working

7. The first customer ______________________
this morning was quite rude.

dealing with B. with whom we
dealt C. to deal with D. dealt with

8. Never before ___________________ such a
beautiful waterfall.

that I have seen B. do I see C. have I seen D. I have seen

9. We each ___________________ success in

desire B. desrie for C. desires D. desires for

10. Pupils should have their eyes
_________________ regularly.

tested B. to test C. test D. testing

11. My brother likes music very much. He
________ to music while working.

used to listen B. is used to
listening C. is used to
listen D. used to be

12. If you are agreeable _________________ our
proposal, we’ll go ahead.

with B. for C. about D. to

13. Paul’s drunkenness lost him the job.
Unless he _____ so often, he ________ sacked.

drank/wouldn’t be B. had drunk/wouldn’t
have been

hadn’t drunk/would have been D.
would drink/hadn’t been

14. My new neighnor has two children,
____________ are very lovely.

both of whom B. all of whom C. who both of D. both of that

15. Schooling is compulsory for all Vietnamese
children ___________ from six to fourteen.

age B. aged C. at age D. on age

16. This room is ___________________.

too small for us to work in B.
so small that we can’t work in

not big enough for us to live in it D.
such small room that we can’t live in it

17. This student is determined to be the best
student ______________.

so as his parents to be proud of him B.
in order to be proud of his parents

in order for his parents will proud of him D.
so that his parents will be proud of him

18. American men rarely shake hands when

they are introduced B. they say hello C. they say goodbye D. they are the hosts

19. Paul: Mary, this is Mr.Baker. –Mary (to
Mr.Baker): _________________.

How are you? B. How do you do C. Hello D. Hi

20. Tom promised us that he ___________ us as
soon as he _________________ a hotel.

would call / had found B. would call / would
find C. had called / had found D. called / would have found

21. Tom is thought ___________ the runaway
murderer last week.

to meet B. to be met C. to have met D. that he met

22. ____________ all the evidence, the man
denied having stolen the motorbike.

As a result of B. Even if C. Due to D. Despite

23. They don’t allow ________________ here.

to take photographs B. taking photographs C. photographs to take D. photographs taking

24. My sister wishes she __________ to play
the piano when she was young.

learnt B. would
have learnt C. had learnt D. would learn

25. __________________ nearly all our money,
we couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel.

To spend B. Having spent C. Spending D. Spent

26. This new kind of medicine is quickly
_____________ into the body.

absorbed B. accessed C. gone D. poured

27. Why don’t you cut down all the
________________ to make a path?

underground B. undercover C. undercurrent D. undergrowth

28. Her own mistakes made her very
______________ of the faults of others.

tolerable B. tolerant C. tolerate D. tolerated

29. The thieves ran away when the burglar
alarm ________________.

went off B. went out C. went on D. went by

30. We must ____________ traffic coming from
the right.

make use of B. take note of C. give way to D. catch sight of

Read the following passage carefully and then
choose the best answer to the questions by circling the corresponding letter A,
B, C, or D.

Man is a land animal, but he
also closely tied to the sea. Throughout history the sea has served the needs
of man. The sea has provided man with food and convenient way to travel to many
parts of the world. Today, nearly two thirds of the world’s population live
within 80 kilometers of the sea coast.

In the modern technological
world, the sea offers many resources to help mankind survive. Resources on land
are beginning to be used up. The sea, however, still can be hoped to supply
many man’s needs. The list of riches of the sea yet to be developed by man’s
technology is impressive. Oil and gas explorations have been carried out for
nearly 30 years. Valuable amounts of minerals exist on the ocean floor are
ready to be mined.

Fish farming promises to be a
good way to produce large quantities of food. The culture of fish and shellfish
is an ancient skill practiced in the past mainly by Oriental people.

Besides oil and gas, the sea may
offer new sources of energy. Experts believe that the warm temperature of the
ocean can be used in a way similar to the steam in a steamship. Ocean currents
and waves offer possible use as a source of energy.

Technology is enabling man to
explore ever more deeply under the sea. The development of strong, new material
has made this possible. The technology to harvest the sea continues to improve.
Experts believe that by the year 2000 the problems that prevent us from
exploiting fully the food, minerals, and energy source of the sea will be
largely solved.

36. The major things that the sea offers man
are ___________________.

fish and oil B. minerals and
oil C. food, energy sources, and minerals D. ocean
currents and waves

37. The sea serves the needs of man as

it provides man with food B.
it offers oil and other valuable sources

it provides man with modern technology D.
both A and B

38. We can conclude from the passage that

the sea resources have largely been used up

the sea, in a broad sense, has not yet been developed

the problems that prevent us from fully exploiting the sea have already been

by the year 2000, the technology will be good enough to exploit all the sea

39. The words Oriental people in the
fourth paragraph means _________________.

people in Asia B. people in
Africa C. European people D. American people

40. The best title for this paragraph is

Seafood B. Technology for Exploiting the Sea C. Sea Harvest D. Man and the Sea

Read the following passage carefully and then
choose the best option to fit each space by circling the corresponding letter
A, B, C or D.

If women choose to pursue a career once they have children, they often
miss out on a close (41) _____ with their children. Helen Jamieson is a mother
of three who has given (42) _____ work to look after her children full-time.
She strongly believes that women are pressurized to do too much, driving
themselves to the absolute limit. In her own case, after six years of paid
employment, Helen finally decided to call it a day. She says she initially
found it hard being at home, though she never misses the job itself. She admits
that if she had had a brilliant career to begin (43) _____, she might feel
differently now. Financially, she is no worse off (44) ______ before, as the
cost of childcare and commuting exceeded her actual income. (45) ___ the
government starts to give other tax incentives to working parents, she says she
will not return to the workplace until her children are grown up.

41. A. friendship B.
relationship C.
scholarship D.

42. A. out B.
in C.
to D.

43. A. up B.
with C.
to D.

44. A. as B.
so C.
than D.

45. A. Unless B.
If C.
Provided D.
Even if

Choose the underlined part
that needs corrections.

41. About two-third of my students
wish to get a scholarship to sudy abroad.


42. When I arrived at our school, all
the students took part in the musical show had been there.


43. The fire spread through the
building very quick and the firemen failed to put it out.


44. Please help me tidy the room by throwing
these imvaluable things away.


45. If we have a chance to travel
abroad, Paris is the first city where we’d like to visit


Choose the sentence that has the same meaning
as the original one.

46. No one in our club can speak English as
fluently as Mai.

Mai speaks English more fluently than no one in our club.B. Mai is the worst
English speaker in our club.

Mai speaks English as fluently as other people in our club.D. Mai speaks
English the most fluently in our club.

47. An old woman saw him break into the

He was seen to break into the building by an old woman.B. He was seen break
into the building by an old woman.

He was seen to have broken into the building by an old woman.

He was seen to be broken into the building by an old woman.

48. I haven’t gone to the cinema for ten

It’s ten years I haven’t gone to the cinema. B.
It was ten years ago I went to the cinema.

The last time I went to the cinema was 10 years. D. I last went to the cinema 10 years ago.

49. Mary said, “I am sure that you broke my
vase, Jim.”

Mary said she knew that Jim broke her vase. B.
Mary accused Jim of having broken her vase.

Mary asked Jim if he had broken her vase. D.
Mary told Jim to break her vase.

50. The girl jumped joyfully as soon as she
heard the result.

Hardly the girl heard the result when she jumped joyfully.

Hardly the girl had heard the result when did she jump joyfully.

Hardly had the girl heard the result when she jumped joyfully.

Hardly had the girl heard the result when did she jump joyfully.

Pepper lol!
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